streda 5. novembra 2014

FRAGILE /2012, installation/

The installation represents fragility. The crystal itself carries a hint of fragility. Layering crystals means increasing the level of this fragility. Individual crystal objects are not glued together and as such may break by simple sound waves produced by passers-by. 

DEFORMATION /2011, photo installation/

Photography installation depicting moral deformation of the Church. The first photograph in the frame, taken from the front, shows the First Communion of a boy. Nothing extraordinary to be seen here. The second photograph, taken from the side, depict the fact that the candle the boy holds is not straight. The frame represents what the Church presents.

LET THE LITTLE CHILDREN COME TO ME /2011, installation/ 

An installation about pedophilia in church based on real life experience depicting an old pho- tograph of the First Communion of my mother and an host with a symbol of lily /the symbol of innocence/ that misses one leaf. This symbol and the photograph show that my mother got a very diferent experience than she originally should have. 

WITHOUT COLOURS /2010, installation/

An installation containing two empty frames facing a photograph that depicts a demolition of a historical part of Samorin /Slovakia/ where new blocks of flats were built in the 70s during communism. This piece of work with empty frames shows an absence of something that can no longer be seen, documented or depicted at present. 

utorok 4. novembra 2014

GAY NAZI PRIDE /2010, photo installation/

A photo installation containing a photograph of Ernst Rohm /a SA leader publically known for his homosexuality and a close co-worker of Adolf Hitler/ in a uniform and photographs of na- ked German soldiers installed as if Ernst Rohm himself is watching them. The aim of the work is to show a different, intimate side of this person and a complet absurdness of how a person accepting fascism can also be a homosexual.

THE BARS /2009, video, 8 min./ 

A video that shows an attitude of the Catholic Church towards homosexuality based on a real confession. The confession was recorded using a voice recorder in a confession booth and is accompained by a video recording of a church. At the beginning, the video shows a cross. As we are slowly approaching the question of homosexuality, the camera is zoomed out and at the end, we see the whole interior of the church from behind the bars. 

THE BARS from Kristian Nemeth on Vimeo.